I am Michel

Software Developer

I am young and ambitious Software Developer.
I am in love with technology.

About Me

  • Name: Michel Kaporin (Mišels Kaporins)
  • Address: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Nationality: Latvian
  • Ethnicity: Russian
  • Email: michel@kaporin.com


Make the world smarter and ease our lives using the cutting-edge tech.

What I Do ?

My passion is to create elegant tech solutions for any business cases. I believe every problem can be solved with the power of computers. Important thing is to know how to teach them to solve those. This is what I focus on.

  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Distributed Computing
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Modelling
  • Mobile Systems Development


Work Experience

  • 2021 to present

    Senior Software Engineer

    Snyk, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2018 to 2021

    Professional Software Engineer

    ti&m, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Developed and designed ERP system prototype through agile workshops with multiple stakeholders.
    • Designed an architecture and led a full-stack development (.NET Core, Angular, SQL Server) of the ERP system, delivering it to production with DDD, event-driven architecture and CQRS in place.
    • Implemented interface for customer’s established systems to participate in event-based architecture with service bus messaging (NServiceBus) to decouple systems and reduce load on monolith systems.
    • Migrated existing web applications to participate in event-oriented systems environment.
    • Replaced legacy web frontends with SPAs (Angular, RxJs, DevExtreme) with Rest API (.NET Core Web API).
    • Carried out performance optimisations of SQL data layers (SQL Server, EF Core, Dapper).
    • Developed micro-services with event-sourcing for Microsoft Azure with Cosmos DB.
    • Developed mixed reality work exhibition project using Microsoft HoloLens and Unity MRTK.
  • 2017

    Software Developer Intern

    Microsoft, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Developed Visual Studio Code (VS Code) features and fixed bugs in TypeScript.
    • Enabled VS Code community-driven localisation, fully automated and integrated the localization pipeline with Transifex API using Node.js.
    • Automated smoke testing process using Spectron framework.
    • Designed and implemented in-editor colour picker together with the proposed extension API.
    • Introduced improvements to the debug mode of the tool.
    • Won Microsoft One Week Hackathon in Switzerland by developing a stand-up system utilizing Cognitive Services API in the team of three members.
  • 2014 - 2016

    Software Developer

    Saville Consulting, A Towers Watson company, London, United Kingdom

    Developing main company website and working on its integration with on-premises services. Working on creating web applications for company’s customers. Integrated CRM and other internal systems with established applications.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Software Developer Intern

    Saville Consulting, London, United Kingdom
    • Maintained, developed and deployed ASP.NET MVC on-premises and cloud websites to facilitate company’s work.
    • Enhanced existing CRM system by designing and introducing client-side scripts and workflows to assist work of marketing department.
    • Developed and designed XSL code to perform XML data transformations.
    • Responsible for Research and Development department technological consulting.
    • Produced software tools to assist testing and consultancy work.
  • 2006 - 2009

    Projects Developer & Manager

    NeOn Solutions, Riga
    • Worked on customer-facing projects. Administered websites, customized and optimized own and third-party content management systems.
    • Consulted, provided technical support and advice for clients, ensuring the work of professional quality.
    • Responsible for Apache HTTP server and MySQL database setup, optimisation and maintenance.
    • Established multi-functional team work.


  • 2015 - 2018

    M.Sc. in Computer Science

    ETH Zürich, Switzerland
    Relevant Courses

    1st semester

    Algorithms Lab, Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming, Distributed Software Engineering Laboratory, Scientific Databases, GIS

    2nd semester

    Computational Intelligence Lab, Principles of Distributed Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Advanced Computer Networks, Software Defined Networking: The Data Centre Perspective, Case Studies from Practice

    3rd semester

    Advanced Systems Lab, System Security, Network Security, Introduction to Cognitive Science

    4th semester

    Master Thesis in the topic of Secure Processing of Time-series Data

  • 2011 - 2015

    B.Sc. in Computing Science (Mobile and Distributed Systems)

    First Class Honours, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    • Awarded with Faculty of Computing Science Excellence Scholarship.
    • Developed knowledge of OOP in data structures, event driven and concurrent programming, declarations and types, abstraction mechanisms and recursion.
    • Improved practical skills in pseudo coding, implementing and analysing algorithms.
    • Advanced problem-solving and team-working skills by delivering and presenting healthy food decision-based Android application during software engineering team project.
    • Created Android socket-based chat application that allows to chat with people with certain special radius (worked from business case/moodboard/personas until final code delivery).
    • Gained competence in theory and practice of block ciphers, cryptographic hash functions, public key cryptography and cryptographic protocols.
  • 2012

    Summer Java Boot Camp

    Accenture, Riga, Latvia
    • Acquired expertise in Software Engineering, learned roles and responsibilities of a Software Engineer.
    • Performed test-driven development, conducted component level testing.
    • Produced modification of JForum discussion board. Implemented anti-spam solution, based on Obfuscated URL for spam bots with extracting full IP address chain if proxy is used. Project published on GitHub.
    • Enhanced software project management skills.
  • 1999 - 2011

    All around secondary education

    Riga Classical Gymnasium, Riga, Latvia

    Mathematics (80%), Physics (90%), Computer Science (100%)
    Equivalent to Matura














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